What is a Chiropractic adjustment?

Chiropractors utilize precise, highly-skilled movement, typically applied by hand, to the spinal vertebrae or other joints which promotes improved movement and can help restore proper function.

Do I need a referral from my doctor to see a chiropractor?

As chiropractors are primary health care providers, you are not required to have a doctor’s referral to receive treatment.

What are the benefits of seeing a chiropractor?

Treatment from a chiropractor can increase functional movement, lessen pain, improve sports performance and reduce hospital visits. Chiropractic treatment can also improve posture and flexibility of the spine as well as provide natural relief from pain.

Can I see a chiropractor while I am pregnant?

Yes, you can receive chiropractic treatments to help maintain a healthy pregnancy. Benefits include reduced insomnia and nausea symptoms, reduced labour and delivery times; reduction in muscle, joint and inflammation as well as prevention of potential caesarean section, posterior, and breach positions.

What should I expect with my first visit?

Your initial assessment is an hour long appointment. You will be asked to complete an intake form which highlights your injury. Our chiropractor will complete a comprehensive medical and accident history. The adjustment will be completed and you will be provided with an exercise program to be followed, at home, between visits.

How much will my visit cost?

Please speak with our clinic directly for rates. We provide various services and our costs are subject to change.

What is Contemporary Acupuncture?

Contemporary Acupuncture is a combination of modern scientific practices and ancient Chinese principles which alleviates acute pain, alters movement, and improves function. Your acupuncture treatment will be designed according to a detailed analysis of your acupuncture points and neurofunction which is specific to your injury.

How does it work?

Acupuncture can rebuild muscle strength, reduce pain and improve circulation. Acupuncture normalizes nerve communication in the central nervous system and results in increased blood flow and arterial function, reducing inflammation, and improving organ function.

Is it painful?

No. Acupuncture is performed using very thin, sterile needles which are painlessly inserted into precise points on your body to promote particular physiological responses. The solid, rounded-tip needles gently part the tissue instead of going through the tissue. This ensures any discomfort you may experience would be minimal. 

What is Electro-Acupuncture?

Electro-acupuncture uses the same needles which are connected to an electrical device which is designed to provide a continuous electrical pulse. This extremely effective procedure stimulates the areas surrounding the acupuncture points which can relax spastic muscles, increase blood flow, and reduce painful trigger points.

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