Can modern dentistry positively impact your professional & personal life?

Can modern dentistry positively impact your professional & personal life?


Yes!  Research does show that people with a great smile tend to be more successful. 

Whitening can impressively change your appearance by tonight!  Bonding improves the shape of your teeth in one day.  Ceramic restorations, crowns or veneers can be used to repair broken tooth structure in one appointment. Dental implants commonly replace missing teeth within a few weeks.


Are you hiding your true self under discoloured, worn-out, crooked or cracked teeth?

You deserve a beautiful smile!   Ask what can be done to improve the health, wellness & appearance of your teeth.  By rejuvenating your smile, you can improve your confidence. This will assist you in leaving an excellent, long lasting impression!


Your Smile is Your Business Card.  


Time to bring your best smile forward. 


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Your Time is Precious. Your Health, even more so. 

Your time is precious. Your health, even more so.
With both of those in mind, Synergy Centre multi disciplinary health care facility was created.
Our philosophy is to assist you in preventive care, acute areas of concern and provide life time health strategies.

Continuity of Care can improve by having most of your health care team located within one centre.  Communicating directly one on one regarding your health care needs.  Treating your health concerns effectively and assisting you on the road to recovery in a favourable time frame.

Plus, most take advantage of booking multiple appointments in one visit, saving them time and money with less time away from work and home.

For your Health, Wellness & Rejuvenation consider Services Provided for you within
Synergy Centre are:

Comprehensive Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Family Medicine, Registered Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Acupuncture, Registered Dietitians, Medical Esthetics including Full Service Esthetics & Skin Care.